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I no longer have a wood burner in m my home, easy creative writing styles but I still sleep this way. I find that when I’m not drinking, I’ll wake up ealier than usual, somewhere between 3:30 am and 5:00 am. Generally I would wake fairly early still but feeling much more refreshed than most nights. I can go to bed at any time, but I will never fall asleep until way later than I should. In Alaska many people still live in cabins or houses heated by wood stoves or fireplaces. That we would have to get up to tend a fire would only make sense to someone who has never lived with wood heat. Now I do it again, on a slightly different schedule, for work. The greater benefits show up after moving from biphasic to tri and more… it is outside the scope of this “two sleep” pattern, but polyphasic sleep has lots of benefits if one’s schedule can accommodate. I actually planned for it because the hours between 2am and 5:30am were my most productive. Actually similar habits are still with me today. This is all very interesting. Here is a thought (I have not read all of the comments above, so it might have already been stated) that older men have to get up to urinate in the middle of the night. The greater levels of daylight during summer and other seasons would make two sleeping difficult, or even impossible. This is a tricky balancing act that requires dedication, self-reflection, and reexamining what works—or doesn't.

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More like 4 or 5 sleeps a day, always around 2 hours each. They got up at 10 and went out to eat or dancing until the wee hours. I also have trouble falling asleep at the earlier time, even though I may feel tired. Ours was pretty large so it retained a lot of warmth even when it was all closed up at night. Same is true of Christian contemplative orders in the Catholic church, which sleep only a few hours at a stretch at night, and get up for prayer services, which has been going on for centuries. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing that. Maybe then night sweats will stop breaking up my sleep every hour or 2 as they currently do! This never happened when I was younger, just started after we retired and our time is more our own to do as we wish, like two sleep times! That still affords a little more than 8 hours of sleep. Unfortunately the method I chose to get this long sleep was terrible. Ichabod spends extra time dressing and even borrows a horse so that he can arrive in style. A lot of commenters either practice, or used to practice this kind of sleep.

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I feel so much better knowing that for me it is normal!!!!! It would be interesting to compare this type of bimodal sleep habits with those of the “great apes.” Do they tend to sleep in the same pattern? Aha! At the end of ‘The Science’, I found “our ancestors sleep patterns”, which should have an apostrophe (ancestors’). When she found out that many students had no Internet at home, she organized time after classes for students to work on school computers—and transportation home—giving careful instructions about what she wanted from their time online. I always knew about our ancestors going to bed when dark and rising with the light but did not know about the broken sleep pattern. Ichabod knows that he will be safe if only he can cross the church bridge, but just then the goblin rider appears on his black horse, closing in fast behind him. It has been less than a decade since science concretely elucidated the circadian nature of human sleep in exquisite detail from the “genes” to the cellular chemistry. Without the science of sleep medicine at the time, “normal” may have been defined as what was common, and what we classify now as alcohol abuse may have been quite prevalent at the time. JUST THINK, when your elder sent you off to school, military, into society… 1. Our ancestors bathed in water and ate foods grown in soil, both RICH in magnesium. Yes, very exalting! At times, I would need medication to help me sleep and rest. We have known babies to wake up in the middle of the night (and some cry a lot for attention). She’s usually in bed by 9pm, awake again around 1-2am until 3-4am, and then wakes up again normally around 6-7am (the only time she sleeps in any later is if she’s extremely unwell). During that time in the hotter climate I continued a two-sleep night with much more ease than I had in the colder climate.

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Even in the morning not all the wood would have burnt away because of the lack of oxygen and the fire could easily be revived. Even if I take a sleeping aid, I am unable to fall asleep soundly until around 530-6am. That is how a lot of them end up drowning in swimming pools and such. I work nights and am a two sleeper. When I do this I then go back to bed and sleep that second half very well. This was right around sunset. Then, I’d wake up between one and three, read a book, watch a movie, make a cocktail, even go to the condo pool (very quietly!) for a night swim, or give the dog a walk some nights. Just works for us. Lots of middle of the night conversations, reading, music appreciation and “stuff”. Back in the city I became an insomniac again. I have much better recall of my dreams because I wake, fall back asleep, wake, etc. All of us who have nursed a baby know that getting up at night is ‘natural’ and we get used to it and gradually ‘program’ the baby to wake this way and not more often than once, when they are a couple of months old. I’ve always wondered if that night wandering is related to some rhythm our bodies have in getting rid of oxalate since we have had so many people making that same observation. That would naturally lend itself to a two sleep pattern and a tendency to be able to wake up and be alert in the middle of the night would be an advantage where night attacks were common.

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Especially on days when I know that I want to go out that night!!! For instance, in some schools I know of, when a student cannot pay for a reduced-price meal, the lunch is dumped into the trash in front of the entire school, humiliating that child. Alot of out of the box thinking is done during the interval between the sleeps. Well that sounds about right for me anyway. Also room darkening curtains or blinds for full moons help. Seems rather productive most of the time.